Family-Style Meals for Families On The Run

Three Midwest Moms Making Family-Style Meals


Let us help you make family dinner happen.

Weeknight Kitchen is locally owned and operated by Midwest Moms Libby Mehaffey and Jennifer Drane.  We hope our homemade meals and community delivery service help families around the Twin Cities find time to eat dinner as a family without the mess and stress of cooking at home.  Life is so busy these days. We hope our meals help families relax and eat well one night a week.

About Us

Becky Mann

Libby Mehaffey

Becky Mann

A few years ago I retired from Hastings School District after 32 years as an elementary school cook.  When I started we made all of our lunches from scratch; we baked bread, made gravies from stock and prepared real food.

At the same time, I raised three girls and managed all things cooking at home.  Needless to say, I've done a lot of cooking.

Today, meals at school lunches are made mostly from frozen processed foods.  Family dinnertime is often pizza, fast-food or takeout.  And I get it.  Even I am over cooking some days - but I do understand the importance of home-cooking and family meal time.

So I volunteer my services weekly. I've taught Libby and Jen how big kitchens work and it's been fun (and funny).  - Becky

Jen Drane

Libby Mehaffey

Becky Mann

I moved here from Pittsburgh eight years ago and Libby was my first Minnesota friend.  She was full of energy and when she told me about her idea I knew it was something I could support.

I too grew up eating dinner with my family on a nightly basis.  My family is Italian and my parents own a grocery store so food has always been the main event at our house.

As a dietitian, I also understand the real benefits of eating healthy, wholesome food.

When we plan the menus for Famfare we work to  keep our meals healthy and balanced using fresh vegetables, lean meats and quality ingredients.  All of our meals are made from scratch - and that in itself makes our meals a tastier - and healthier option - for growing families. Can't wait to bring this business to the "Burgh. - Jen

Libby Mehaffey

Libby Mehaffey

Libby Mehaffey

I was a stay-at-home-mom for four years and did a lot of cooking.  During that time, I noticed my working-mom friends did little to no cooking; they just didn't have the time or energy to make it all happen when juggling career demands, family activities and household chores.  

Lives have become more busy, but the importance of eating as a family hasn't changed. So I thought - I can help these moms.  

Jen and I started making hot, family-style meals out of my kitchen for 15 families over six weeks. We cooked and they picked up a fully prepared dinner between 5-6PM. People were grateful for the meal and in love with stress-free evening our service provided.  And sometimes they even sat down as a family for dinner. 

As they say, the rest is history.  To date, Famfare has prepared scratch-made meals for over 1000 families across the metro. - Libby